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Quixcilver Defensive Solutions

Updated: May 11, 2021

Hit any target with classes by Quixcilver Defensive Solutions.

Quixcilver Defensive Solutions provides defensive shooting solutions, and training to all Houstonians. Alexander Uzor, primary instructor, and owner offers training solutions without intimidation, or unfriendly spaces which is sometimes found in the gun industry. They understand proficiency has a beginning, and Quixcilver Defensive Solutions is proud to offer a foundation for new shooters, and shooters acquiring a new skill. As well as providing maintenance and upgrades for firearms.

Unease in the current social climate has seen the highest number of new gun owners in the black community as well communities across the United States. Due to the surge of new firearm owners, training is mandatory to the safety of the firearm owner, but also each person in proximity, whether in the home or in public. Quixcilver Defensive Solutions offers pistol fundamentals class to introduce new shooters to the pistol platform. This course covers firearm safety, pistol operation features, target acquisition and trigger control, assisting new shooters in acquiring confidence safely. The year of COVID-19 saw record gun purchases, as well as applications for concealed carry licenses/license to carry (TX). In observance of social distancing recommendations, state and federal health mandates and client preference, Quixcilver Defensive Solutions offers Texas License To Carry courses online. Simply head to and register for the Texas License To Carry online course, after you’ve applied for your license to carry, and scheduled your fingerprint appointment. This course is approved by the Texas Department Of Public Safety. It can be completed regardless where you live in Texas. Upon completion, the user can download and print a copy of the LTC101, and schedule the shooting portion. Booking the shooting portion allows the applicant to schedule the date and time to demonstrate shooting proficiency (within state requirements), after which, all documentation is submitted to the state for approval.

Owner Alexander Uzor has offered training solutions with clients beginning their careers as cadets in the academy pipeline, armed security, private citizens, also a church congregation prepared to secure their members as they worship. Alexander is a veteran of the United States Army, certified instructor with The USCCA, and certified to teach License To Carry in Texas. He brings the pieces together to illustrate the flow of purpose in shooting. Whether exploring the fundamentals as a beginner, preparing a career in the firearms industry, or tuning up existing skills, Quixcilver Defensive Solutions will have you on target before the move is made.

Owners Name: Alexander Uzor

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.951.5083

Social Media: IG: @quixcilver556 FB: @quixcilver556

Key Words: FireArm Defense Handling Training

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