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RC Fitness & Signature Physiques Studio

Updated: May 20, 2021

Looking to transform your body into a work of art? It's a must you check out RC Fitness & Signature Physiques Studio.

RC Fitness & Signature Physiques Studio. From its humble beginnings of free boot camps in the park, with hardly any clientele, RC Fitness has transformed into “the Mecca of women’s transformations,” boasting hundreds of triple digit weight loss stories as well as complete medical transformations with diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes being brought under control.

Reggie Collier opened the first location of RC Fitness in 2014. He wanted to create a place that catered to all women’s goals whether it be weight loss, health and wellness, muscle gain or toning.

“I noticed women needed a little more support in our community with being consistent and committed to their health and wellness goals,” Collier said. “They needed a place to go where they did not feel intimidated or distracted and could focus on gaining the knowledge and tools to better themselves.”

Collier also wanted his fitness center to focus on the needs of minority women in the community.

“I noticed in the Fitness World the majority of things are catered toward more mainstream communities, so I wanted an atmosphere that catered to minority women and their health and fitness goals.”

At RC Fitness there are options available for every woman, no matter their schedule, fitness level or fitness goals. They offer 21, 30, 60 and 90-day fitness challenges throughout the year as well as small group workout classes, public bootcamps and even online training videos.

Through these various fitness options, hundreds of women have achieved record breaking weight loss goals, beat illnesses and completely transformed their lives.

Owners: Reggie Collier

Location: 9331 Stella Link, Houston, TX 77025

Contact: 713.885.7881


Social Media: IG: @reggiecfitness

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Rashika Craft
Rashika Craft
Jun 18, 2020

I Love RC Fitness. Their Studio is amazing and they are so friendly and have the best customer service!

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