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Updated: May 24, 2021

Do what you love in style with REIGNSOLO.

If you're a foodie or not....consider yourself a cook or can't say so in style with the REIGNSOLO brand of modern, chic designs for you and your home! ReignSolo LLC was founded to provide a new generation of customers with a more modern option in the consumer goods industry with a fresh take on the staple household lunch totes, aprons and insulated reusable grocery totes and bags that are not only eco-friendly, but trendy and innovative in design!

The Signature Collection of aprons were designed in the Summer of 2020, offering a variety of color options in black, gray, pink and denim for your stylist, barber, chef, baker, artist and so many other creatives who hone their crafts daily but want to do so in style, and REIGNSOLO is the brand that delivers! The designs are lightweight, made of cotton, hemp and flax linen. Keep an eye out for our next product release and style options! The aprons are definitely a new take on an old classic....granny will be looking to upgrade her aprons with REIGNSOLO too, they promise!

Owners: Natasha Williams

Contact: 866.734.4610

Social Media: IG: @reignsolollc

Key Words: Fashion

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