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Reviv Green

Updated: May 24, 2021

If you're in need of CBD infused sports nutrition supplements, Reviv Green has you completely covered.

Reviv Green provides CBD infused sports nutrition supplements to help health-conscious individuals revitalize themselves by using natural ingredients married with CBD & Nano-tech CBN to create great energy with little to no crash-and-burn. Reviv Green would love to be considered as a potential supplier for your store and is confident that together they can help add a new dimension to your customer’s healthy lifestyle.My three-part formula might be of particular interest. Their Rest formula made with a Cannabinoid blend of CBD/CBN will melt away any tension in the body. Reviv Green's Revive formula boasts nano-CBD particles, electrolytes, and BCAA's that will give you that spark of energy you need to meet your goals. And their Rise formula delivers each CBD dose with efficiency to jumpstart your workout and your busy day. Visit Reviv Green today to get started with your nutrition supplements.

Owners: Michael Mosley

Location: 1302 Waugh Dr Houston, TX 77019

Contact: 832.469.9472


Social Media IG: @revivgreen


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