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Rich Scents

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Light up your life with a candle from Rich Scents.

Rich Scents is a newly established scented candle company created in mid-February of 2020. Depression due to a good friend who passed away that was a bright and light spirit is what inspired the owner Richelle to create candles. The idea of candles being lit brings a source of light, and can makes one feel connected through aroma therapy.

All of their candles are handmade in the city of Baytown, Tx. They are also nontoxic, vibrant and ever so fragrant. At Rich Scents, their mission is to create a positive experience through relaxation, and good vibes with the vision to promote a lifestyle of self-care and love.

Owners: Richelle Richardson.

Location: Baytown, TX

Contact: 281.515.2157

Social Media IG: @rich_scents

Key Words: Candle Shop

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