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Rudi's Girls

When you are looking to give a sentimental and special gift to someone, check out Rudi's Girls for all personalized pieces.

How do you feel when your father has finally shared with you his secret on cooking that special turkey that everyone requests? Or even better how would you feel if someone gave you a cutting board with your father’s handwritten recipe engraved in the cutting board. At Rudi’s Girls we believe that the greatest gifts aren’t bought they are created. We know that people love to share memories but often don’t have the creativity to make it happen. We are here to listen to your experience with your family and make memories that will last for generations.

Rudi’s Girls officially started 2009 with our first Etsy store. We knew we wanted to honor our mother and grandmother some type of way, so we name ourselves Rudi’s Girls because we are our mother’s daughters (Her nickname is Rudi). Our mission, like our grandmother, is to help people create gifts and memories at an affordable cost. We love to create gifts/favors for your themed event. For example, if you are creating a women’s retreat and your key message is to let women know they are under construction because it is a continual process to improve, we will create a flyer for your event, customized journals for your participants to take notes, a t-shirt, and a wood craved hammer with engraved scripture on the handle to remind participants, that a “wise women builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands”, Proverbs 14:1.

We create various gifts for all: women, men, children and even your four-legged child. Our gifts range from journals, cutting boards, personalized earrings, t-shirts, phone cases, wooden crate, keychains, child learning tools, etc. We also enjoy making customized pet items like personalized pet t-shirts, handmade leashes, bandanas, pillows, and squeaky toys.

If you are interested in creating a special gift for that special someone please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help make that event memorable.

Owners: Omiko Brown & Kourtni Adams

Contact: 832.409.2909

Social Media: IG: @rudisgirls

Keywords: Crafts/Creatives

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