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Shamone Lamarra

Obtain guidance and mentorship from Shamone Lamarra to reach your highest potential.

Houston-based artist, model, chef, entrepreneur, and now author, Shamone Lamarra, has always been blessed as someone who is full of life. Beginning in her hometown of Nome, Texas, a small rural town where the population hovers around 500, Shamone has always been deeply rooted in her faith. If anything, Shamone’s faith has been a springboard for her successes in life.

It started with Shamone simply doing what she loved by singing at her local church at the age of 6. Singing was a natural ability for the songstress, so it made sense that she exercise her god-given talent in a place of worship. The church was a platform to express what she loved. Eventually, she would go on to working with several mainstream artists to then releasing her 2022 faith-based single “All In” that was featured on one of the grandiose billboards in Time Square. Shamone wouldn’t be where she is if it weren’t for her relationship with God. 

Since the start of her career, Shamone has wanted to do nothing but help those around her. One of her ultimate goals in life is to give back to others, whether it be through philanthropy or simply guidance and mentorship. All In Prayer Journal is another way of her giving back to others by supporting them on their faith-based journey. From advice to scriptures to assisted prayers, All In Prayer Journal is here as your resource to stay in touch with God so He can help you along your journey.

Owner: Shamone Turner

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 213.858.1354

Social Media: IG: @shamonelamarra

Key Words: Author

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