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Shawnti Refuge Journals

Take control of your mental health and your healing journey with Shawnti Refuge Journals.

Shawnti is a hero who doesn't wear a cape, but she uses her own life's journey including being a teen mom & her mental health journey to educate and encourage others who are struggling. She uses her experiences as a platform where others can be supported and to know they don't have to suffer in silence.

Shawnti's mental health advocacy journey has been featured on the main stage of the Houston Ultimate Women's Expo 2021, in Voyage Houston Magazine, Shoutout HTX Magazine, & Shoutout Arizona Magazine, & Voyage MIA Magazine, & a host of other podcasts & Live interviews on Social Media. Shawnti has a series of self-published Guided Journals as healing, transformative coping tools. She also facilitates Support Groups, Wellness Workshops, and Panel Discussions.

Owner: Shawnti Refuge

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.301.8206

Social Media: IG: @shawntirefugejournals

Keywords: Empowerment

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