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Shawnti Refuge Journals

Heal, release, and live your best life through guided journaling with Shawnti Refuge Journals.

Shawnti Refuge is the Founder and CEO of Shawnti Refuge Journals. Shawnti is a Certified Mental Health Coach, Mental Health Advocate, Keynote Speaker & Author. She show you how to release, heal and live your best life through guided journaling. She believes that you deserve to live your best life being free from emotional baggage by getting to the root of the issue, working through it, and healing naturally. Shawnti has a series of Self-care guided journals inspired by her own personal life's experiences and mental health challenges. She also works with others to inspire and empower them with her life experiences and uses her story to help people to overcome theirs. Shawnti's mission is to provide a safe outlet for people who are searching for healing with guided journals.

Owner(s): Shawnti Refuge

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.301.8206

Social Media IG: @shawntirefugejournals

Key Words: Author/Books

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