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SheFit Fitness

Updated: May 14, 2021

Looking for your new virtual fitness coach? Check out SheFit Fitness to get started on your fitness journey today.

SheFit Fitness is a virtual fitness business. They assist women by serving as an accountability coach to provide clients with a meal plan, a meal schedule and a workout schedule. Before clients eat their meals, they send in a photo of what they are about to eat. If it looks good they are given a thumbs up, If it is not a good meal to eat, SheFit Fitness provide them with another eating options. SheFit Fitness was created because owner, LaTisha Gatson struggled with her weight. With the proper diet and exercise she was able to change her life.

Owner: LaTisha Gatson

Location: Spring, Tx

Contact: 832.270.1488

Social Media: IG: @shefitfitness

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