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Sheldon Theragood

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Stay motivated, empowered & uplifted with Sheldon Theragood!

Sheldon Theragood is a public servant, youth mentor, speaker, and philanthropist, he has a relentless passion for giving, helping, and encouraging others. Sheldon is committed to honoring his passion and walking through God’s purpose; “One Good Deed At A Time.”

Sheldon is also an author and has published his first book, Whatever It Takes, shares his story of how he became the police officer, youth mentor and advocate his is today. Sheldon has also created a fashion line called Watevaittakesfashion. His fashion line sells motivational t-shirts and hats that supports our youth movement & Non Profit Organization, Theragood Deeds,Inc.

Owner: Sheldon Theragood

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.880.7860


Social Media: IG: @sheldontheragood


Keywords: Motivational Speaker

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