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Shesnatchedbody & Fitness

Updated: May 14, 2021

Ladies, are you looking to get those waists snatched? It's a must you check out Shesnatchedbody & Fitness.

Shesnatchedbody and Fitness began in 2014 as personal journey of a single mother who just wanted her body back. Charsheika Berry began waist training and notice significant reduction in the stomach/waist area which completely transformed into a lifestyle and mindset about wellness and fitness resulting into 50 pound lost. Furthermore she saw plenty of areas for improvement when it came to a line of products that would one, encourage a gimmick-free lifestyle for women and two ;a system that would support Weight Success.

Today’s Shesnatchedbody and Fitness is centered around a community of support through virtual workouts and Saturday workout meetups, as well as a 4 part system to Get that Body Snatched: SnatchTox Tea, Snatchband Sweat belt, Zip and Snatch Waist Slimmer, and Snatch & Sweat Cream. We support the body from the inside out; embracing the lifestyle of wellness and fitness for self. That’s what SheSnatchedBody is all about; Snatching every goal you set for the body, mind and waistline.

Owner: Charsheika Berry

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 832.573.8859

Social Media: IG: @Shesnatchedbody

Key Words: Body Shaping Fitness

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