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SKEN Essentials

Updated: May 11, 2021

Looking to upgrade your skincare routine? Check out SKEN Essentials.

SKËN Essentials is a luxury skincare line with melanin in mind. Their formulas are enhanced to bring health and vitality to men and women of color. From daily cleanses to hair growth oil, their goal is to provide products that are better absorbed to restore nature’s balance. Show up and show out with a glow unlike any other. Their love for melanin has driven them to share their best products with the glam fam. Achieving healthy and beautiful SKEN is their mission. They stand behind the motto:"People will stare so why not make it worth it?"

Owners: Corine Short

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 619.797.6888

Social Media: IG: @skenessentials

Key Words: Hair Skin Care

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