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Quench your thirst with SlickPunch mobile bartending services.

SlickPunch is a mobile bartending service serving spirits and virgin beverages. Our mission is to knockout that thirst you are craving for the simple thing from a good mixed juice to the highest end cocktails. We started off by being a bartender for bass pro shop in August of 2014 which was when NuJuna Chadwick fell in love. In November of 2019 she decided create SlickPunch.

SlickPunch is pure enjoyment and we love to see those smiles and good reactions when tasting our products kids and adults. Things that are offered any booking weddings parties and also personal house calls. For any occasion children parties (virgin) drinks , Jell-O-shots,smoothie(kids only) , popsicles and much more also catering to personal needs so not having a party a wedding or big event that’s ok we cater to house calls need that 1-5 drink specials or those spirit Jell-O shots that you need to knockout the bad day you had. SlickPunch is here to offer and cater to all occasions and all needs to give that knockout punch.

Owners: NuJuna Chadwick

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 346-253-9698


Social Media IG: @Slickpunch

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