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Soular Sounds

Updated: May 24, 2021

Musical artist, build your brand and create good music with Soular Sounds.

Soular Sounds is a brand, a platform, and movement steering the culture to a more positive direction. Founded by a team of artists, designers, and engineers they are known around town for providing opportunities for independent artists to grow their brand, and share their works. Soular is a production company responsible for event booking, promotion, sponsorship, and multimedia production.

Through their in house team they provide graphic design, audio engineering (mixing and mastering), and video production for artists and events in the Houston community. See their YouTube channel for performances, and recaps from their Soular Nights: Concert Series, and VibeMore Live: Web series hosted by Koala Khool. If you are an artist looking to build your brand and create good music, Soular Sounds is your one stop shop for all your production needs. With a family oriented approach they even provide hands on guidance through the publishing process so that you understand your rights as an artist. -Soular Sounds"Music from the soul can be heard through the universe."

Owners: Travis Matthews II, Nobel Michael, Timothy Adame

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 832.816.2937

Key Words: Musical Platform Services

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