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SRM Wellness

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Start your journey of a healthier lifestyle with SRM Wellness.

SRM Wellness is not just another health and wellness company that's going to hand you workouts and meal plans and send you on your way. Here at SRM Wellness we actually walk with you step by step along the journey of developing a healthier lifestyle.

We offer private and group personal training with our owners Jared Mack and Shemekia Batts, who also is an outstanding real estate agent. We sell all organic supplements, offer nutrition education, and health coaching. We even help with men's sexual health and financial wellness training.

Yes, we are a relatively new business, but you won't find people who are as committed to your success as the people on our team. Our mission at SRM Wellness is to enhance the overall well-being of every person we meet!!

Come and join the family here at SRM and let's make your health a priority.

Owner(s): Jared Mack & Shemekia Batts

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 504.201.5981

Social Media: IG: @srm.wellness

Keywords: Health/Wellness

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