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STUFF'd Wings

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Want your next meal to excite your taste buds? Check out STUFF'd Wings for the ultimate foodie experience.

Serving has always been a passion of Jarrod D. Rector. From serving on the usher board at an early age, to having a desire to serve my famous fried chicken wings to family and friends; this passion of mine, is and has always been deeply rooted in his purpose.

It wasn't until Jarrod's & his wife were trying to find something new, unique, and delicious for dinner that the God-given idea of STUFF'd was conceived. After months and months of creating and tasting different combinations of flavors, stuffings, and sauces, Jarrod was finally able to produce a chicken wing that is more than just dinner... It's an experience!

Owners: Jarrod D. Rector

Contact: 713.702.1286

Social Media: IG: @stuffdwings_htx

Keywords: Restaurant

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