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Updated: Apr 29

If you're looking for tasty custom cakes Sugary Cindy's is just the place.

Sugary Cindy's all started from a love of baking that was instilled in Satarre' Brown at a very young age by her late grandmother. She would always bake pound cakes for family and friends and then one year she was in a bad motorcycle accident where she broke and dislocated both of her elbows. After undergoing 7 very invasive surgeries the surgeons informed her there was nothing else that could be done to correct her arms. So to deal with pain and depression she began to watch YouTube videos that taught fondant techniques and decor tips for elaborate cakes. She would then go into her kitchen to practice what she'd watched. It then became her therapy both physically and mentally.

Owner: Satarre' Brown

Location: Katy,TX

Contact: 832.560.9221


Social Media IG: @sugary_cindys

FB: Sugary Cindys

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