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Sunshine Family Solutions

Updated: May 23, 2021

Get educated & find the perfect life solution for your family with Sunshine Family Solutions.

Sunshine Family Solutions is a Certified Family Life Educator and Postpartum Doula service, they strive to provide services that bring awareness, education, and support to families, regarding their child’s safety and well-being. Some of the services Sunshine Family Solutions offers to clients/families are: Newborn Safety/Education Classes, Direct Assistance with Newborn Care during the 4th Trimester, Postpartum Recovery Support and ​New Mommy/Mommy-to-be Companion Support for baby preparation shopping/home organization, labor/delivery hospital stay, and prenatal and/or pediatrician appointments.

Currently, Sunshine Family Solutions most offered services is Infant/Newborn Car Seat Safety Training and though typically offered in-person, since the pandemic they have found that it is useful to offer this training virtually to new/expecting parents. Sunshine Family Solutions has always felt passionate about assisting women (especially Black women) through their transition to parenthood, and the importance of new parents being equipped with necessary knowledge and education to safely care for their child and their family. Thus, the vision of Sunshine Family Solutions is that families feel empowered, supported, and equipped with knowledge as they navigate through the various phases of life, especially new parenthood.

Owner: Taelor Powell, CFLE

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 281.742.0551

Social Media: IG: @sunfamilysolutions

Key Words: Postpartum Recovery Counseling

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