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Tabahani Fragrances

Updated: May 14, 2021

Ladies if you're looking for some amazing new scents to wear, it's a must you check out Tabahani Fragrances today.

Tabahani Fragrances is a faith-based perfume boutique helping women to discover their signature fragrance in Christ. They design scents that nourish your skin and lift your spirit. Each scent is representative of the character and attributes as Daughters of the the King. The mission of Tabahani Fragrances is to diffuse the knowledge of Christ in every place. Their perfumes are faith-based, plant-based, alcohol free and animal cruelty free. They are vegan-friendly and kingdom approved. Tabahani Fragrances are a perfect addition to faith-based women's conferences and seminars as a vendor or sponsor for your event. They can accommodate bridal shower gifts, Mother's Day celebrations and more! Tabahani Fragrances, The Sweet Fragrance of Life in Christ.

Owner: Robin Smith

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 281.746.8013

Social Media: IG: @tabahanifragrances

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