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Tailored Moments

Updated: May 11, 2021

Make sure your next moment is one to remember. Book Tailored Moments for your next event.

Tailored Moments is a creative brand made up of Houston's premier festive curators. They specialize in bringing ideas into imaginable experiences through events and digital media. Tailored Moments pride themselves in designing moments that their clients and partners will never forget. Their services include event planning/design, digital content creation, and set design.

Tailored Moments is connected to some of Houston's best creatives and small business owners equipping them with prime resources to bring nearly any project to life. Colorfully bold, yet minimalist fully describes their aesthetic. Tailored Moments love clean lines and bright pops of color. To them, champagne pairs with nearly anything and nothing says "let's party" like a dope playlist to dance to.


Owner: Servanté Cook

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.202.9965

Social Media: IG: @tailoredmoments

Key Words: Event Planning

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