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Tending 2 U

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Providing the most professional waitstaff for any event!

Tiana Watson is the Founder + CEO of Tending 2 U. With over 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Tiana has worked at some of Houston’s highest volume venues.

Starting her career as a server, Tiana gained experience as a bartender, and eventually transitioned into a role as an event coordinator. It was in these roles that she was able to learn as well as identify untapped areas of opportunity within the industry.

Tending 2 U offers full bar services, beverage catering, and photo booth services. Whether it’s a social or business event, let Tending 2 U assist you with professional and exceptional service! Tending 2 U is dedicated to helping make your event a success. Their staff is capable of setting up, serving buffet tables, catering to your guests with traditional seated service, handing out delectable appetizers for cocktail hour, or bartending refreshing beverages & cocktails.

Tending 2 U is dedicated to making every experience one to remember. They pride ourselves on our experience, professionalism, and providing overall satisfaction. They also emphasize being organized and giving attention to detail while focusing on excellence in all that they do for their clients. It feels great to Tiana knowing her company can play a part in making a client's event more memorable. In the end, with Tending 2 U, they are creating something beautiful, not just for their clients but also for their city and themselves.

Owners: Tiana Watson

Contact: 832.736.8389

Social Media IG: @tending2u

Keywords: Mobile Bartender

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