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That's Balance

Attack those summer body goals with That's Balance.

Are you looking to improve your health? In our daily lives, we all need that one place where we can start without judgment. You are probably thinking to yourself, where do I start? Or I have kids, plus I am tired after work, and I don’t have much time. Check out That’s Balance.We offer online 1-on-1 personal training, daily habit coaching, at-home group training, flexible meal plans, live Zoom classes, and more!

Our mobile app offers customizable features that fit your personal needs by tracking your fitness progress, nutrition goals, and 24-hour support. Save Money, Live Healthier, That’s Balance.

Owners: Thanyous & Adrienne Wells

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: ‪832.378.8309

Social Media: IG: @t.m.wells

Key Words: Fitness

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