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That’s So Dicey

Come get salon quality press-on nails without the hassle of a salon visit from That's So Dicey.

Like many others, my business was created during the pandemic. Nails and art has always been something that I was interested in so with my business, I basically merged the two together. I sell handmade luxury press-on nails and gold non tarnish jewelry. My goal is to provide my clients with salon quality nails without the hassle of a salon visit.

I was an avid nail shop goer for years. My last straw was the day a nails tech left me with bleeding cuticles.

From that point on I began buying press-on nails from the store. I quickly noticed how flimsy the nails were and how easily they would pop off. One day I saw I video online of someone creating their own press-on nails and I thought hey, I can do that! So I purchased the supplies and started creating my own press-on nails. I would post my nails on social media and found out that people would be willing to purchase from me! I created my website and that is how That’s So Dicey was born! I also love good jewelry so I decided to get with a vendor and add accessory options to my website as well.

Owner: Crystal Igwilo

Contact: 713.416.2315

Social Media: IG: @thatssodicey

Keywords: Press On Nails

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