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That Stuff Nutrition

Updated: May 24, 2021

Reach your body management goals with That Stuff Nutrition.

That Stuff Nutrition is the health and wellness division of Synergy Nuvu, LLC. Their mission is to provide great tasting smoothies and herbal blends to help achieve your fitness & wellness goals. Their menu is full of fresh offerings that are low in sugar, low in carbs, and high in a great taste you will crave. That stuff Nutrition takes pride in serving products that help lose body fat, build muscle, and overall achieve results in a healthy/guilt free way.

Smoothies are made with real frozen and fresh fruits & vegetables to provide you with the nutrients to fuel your body. They also provide hot herbal blends that are organically sourced. Along with fitness gear/training resources to assist along your journey. The products they sell are full of nourishment not fillers. They believe that healthy options that help you achieve your fitness goals should be accessible. That Stuff provides the right stuff to fuel your body management goals.

Owner: Corine Short

Contact: 619.797.6888

Social Media IG: @synergynuvu

Key Words: Fitness and LifeStyle Coach

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