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The Black Santa Houston

Updated: May 20, 2021

The Black Santa is a symbol of representation for our children.

The Black Santa Houston is a leading example of how we’ve prioritized Black representation for Houston. The Black Santa Houston experience was launched in 2019 to establish a new holiday experience with a Black Santa Claus in Houston, Texas. Now children can experience Santa as a reflection of their family and community. This is especially important as children develop their racial and ethnic identities. It’s true, representation matters.

In order to address the challenges presented in 2020, The Black Santa Houston launched virtual Santa visits and physically distanced in-person visits with Santa! Please follow Santa’s sleigh on social media and subscribe to The Black Santa Houston email distribution to know exactly when and where you can engage with The Black Santa Houston experience each Christmas. It is their goal to create a new, unforgettable holiday tradition for families across Houston.

Owner: Magan Butler-Coleman

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 713.364.4099

Key Words: Black Santa Claus, Santa Claus

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