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The Business Team

Updated: May 11, 2021

Enhance your business with resources & support from The Business Team.

The Business Team is a local Houston company with a national and international reach. They are a hybrid company combining the convenience of Virtual Assistance operations and support with the personal interface of an in-house staff. Their mobility allows them to work from their location or meet with the client at theirs, if necessary. This personal interaction provides clients the reassurance that once placed in the hands of The Business Team, they will make it their responsibility to make sure their clients are expertly managed. This allows better flexibility in managing time, and priorities without the distractions that come with doing business on the road.

The Business Team provides customized business support either mobile, onsite or virtually with seamless continuity in and around the Houston area. Their mission is to minimize the challenges and obstacles of conducting business on the road. If your business needs the connectivity they offer check out their website and give them a chance to improve your buisness today.

Owners: Kym Adams

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.732.0683

Social Media: IG: @BusinessTeamHouston FB: TheBusinessTeam

Key Words: Business Support Service

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