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The Dollhouse Hair Salon

Updated: May 17, 2021

Ready for another stylish look to help boost your self-esteem? The Dollhouse Hair Salon is just what your hair is in need of.

Justina Glover, owner of The Doll House Hair Salon is originally from Los Angeles, and have been a stylist for over 10 years. Before relocating to Texas, her career began when she was 12 years old braiding hair for her teachers and schoolmates to help her family. When she became of age, she realized doing hair was her passion and the only thing that could get her up in the morning.

Justina went to cosmetology school, got her license, and began working in salons with the who’s who of Los Angeles. During this time, she continued her education by learning the best techniques for weaving, braiding, silk press, cutting, custom coloring, and custom wig making. As a hair stylist, she prides herself in caring for the health of her clients hair, and using professional products only. The Dollhouse Hair Salon promises to bring a fierce, stylish, and edgy look to their clients, while providing a professional environment. They also promise that you will leave the chair feeling rejuvenated with the look you envisioned!

Owner: Justina Noisy

Contact: 310.418.3652

Social Media: IG: @Justina_the_stylist

Keywords: Hair Stylist Beauty Salon

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