The Franklin Law Group

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If you're in search of an Attorney for Fashion, Entertainment, Trademarking, or Business, Check Out The Franklin Law Group.

Luxury is a lifestyle and a feeling The Franklin Law Group wants their clients to experience through their services. They work for and with you!

They want you to feel a sense of relief knowing that your innovations and creations are in good hands. They breathe life into your ideas, transforming them into something tangible.

They are here to serve you, to inspire you and to advocate for you. The Franklin Law Group strives to ensure you are equipped and well educated to tackle the ups and downs of your industry.

Your business is their business. They invest both in you and in your success by pushing you to reach your fullest potential.

Owner: Jordan B. Franklin, Esq.

Location: 1923 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007

Contact: 346.298.1964


Social Media: IG: @Jovant_Garde


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