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The Master Communicator's Writing Services

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Need help with creating writing content? Contact The Master Communicator's Writing Services!

The Master Communicator’s Writing Services recognizes the power of words as one of the most effective branding tools for your business, social cause, or book project. First impressions are lasting impressions and, as a business owner, non-profit organization, author or otherwise, it’s imperative to get it “WRITE” the first time.

The experienced experts at the Masters Communicators can guide you in doing just that. They provide the best value with personalized services, and a prescriptive project management approach specifically designed for each client. They also provide editing, content creation, ghostwriting, marketing plans, graphic design, and digital product creation. They look forward to helping you with your writing needs.

Owner: Sharon Carter Jenkins

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 281.736.0382


Social Media: FB: @lmormedspa


Key Words: Marketing Content Creators

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