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The Pretty Way Collections

If you're in need of a hairstylist, The Pretty Way Collections is the perfect place for you.

Introducing The Pretty Way Collections: A Promising Venture Led by Jazzbaby

In May 2023, a captivating new business emerged on the scene, known as The Pretty Way Collections. Under the visionary leadership of owner Jazzbaby, this establishment seeks to revolutionize the hair industry by offering a diverse range of protective styles that save customers valuable time and alleviate concerns about their hair.

At The Pretty Way Collections, the primary focus is on delivering impeccably neat styles that not only enhance appearance but also prioritize the health and moisture of the hair. With careful attention to detail, the talented team ensures that extensions are applied with utmost care and precision, creating stunning results for each customer.

Driven by a mission to expand their artistic talents throughout the state of Houston, The Pretty Way Collections aims to introduce the local community to exciting new styles. Jazzbaby's entrepreneurial journey began by delighting individuals with flawless hair transformations, witnessing the smiles of satisfaction on their faces. Encouraged by the consistent demand for her services, Jazzbaby decided to channel her talents into a full-fledged business.

Embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship, Jazzbaby took a leap of faith, investing her time and resources into building a brand that exemplifies excellence. The Pretty Way Collections offers an array of services, including Locs, various types of twists, knotless braids, tape-Ins, sew-Ins, and Boho braids, catering to a diverse clientele.

With a passion for innovation and a determination to leave a mark on the industry, Jazzbaby eagerly anticipates the exciting journey ahead. By blending her creative expertise, exceptional customer service, and a leap of faith, she aspires to witness the growth and success of The Pretty Way Collections.

As The Pretty Way Collections paves its path in the beauty landscape, the brand welcomes clients to experience their exceptional services and explore the limitless possibilities of trendy and impeccable hair styling.

Stay tuned to witness the transformative power of The Pretty Way Collections unfold.

Owner(s): Jasmine Owney

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.790.6659

Social Media IG: @Theprettyway_collections

Key Words: Hairstylist

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