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The Slay Summit

Updated: May 13, 2021

Want to have your eyebrows on point everyday? Check out The Slay Summit.

The Slay Summit is a microblading salon that specializes in pain-free natural and realistic microblading and corrective services. The business was launched in October 2019 by the owner Candace Copeland after her love and passion for art pushed her to find ways to enhance the confidence and beauty in women. The Slay Summit separates itself from the competition by providing camouflaged hair strokes so that microblading is never detected. The Slay Summit works to educate the community that microblading is semi-permanent and is correctable. There are levels to your brows.

Owner: Candace Copeland

Location: 1701 Webster St Ste A Houston, TX 77004

Contact: 281.905.2922


Social Media: IG: @theslaysummit


Key Words: EyeBrow MicroBlading

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