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The Wax Assassins

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Looking for your new waxer? It's a must you give The Wax Assassins a try today to have your skin feeling as smooth as a baby's bottom.

From head to toe and everything in between, The Wax Assassins provides full body waxing for men, women, and teens of all skin types. After launching in 2019 as a mobile waxing business, The Wax Assassins opened the doors to its very own waxing suite February 1, 2020 in Houston, Texas in the West University Place area.

The Wax Assassins Specializes in effectively moving unwanted and/or unsightly body hair while maintaining the skin’s integrity, all the while being thoroughly serviced by a licensed cosmetologist is what you will experience each time and every time. Some of the services provided are Women’s Brazilians, Eyebrow, Underarm, Leg, Back, Stomach and Chest waxing. Waxing has many more great benefits than shaving, using Nair or Veet, or even trying laser hair removal will ever have. Waxing can help to reduce hyperpigmentation, slow down hair growth and remove dead skin. For eyebrows as sharp as daggers and skin as smooth as silk, book with The Wax Assassins today.

Owner: LaShonda Myers

Contact: 713.371.6079

Social Media IG: @thewaxassassinsllc

Key Words: Waxing Services

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