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The Whitening Lab

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Enhance that beautiful smile with whitening services from The Whitening Lab.

The Whitening Lab is a specialty spa that offers clients immediate and safe teeth whitening results that last. Their whitening technicians are well trained dental professionals that will give you the Best Rates, Products, Advanced blue light technology, and world-class customer service. The Whitening Lab is a company that understands quality should never be compromised.

Whitening strips and trays can be painful and inconvenient. No worries! The whitening lab has your covered. They've found a solution to get your teeth bright and white instantly. Their safe whitening gel is applied to your teeth and activated by an accelerating light, they repeat this three times for a total of 60 minutes. So call them and let them help your smile become you.

Owners: Chardae Evans

Contact: 832.996.0317

Social Media: IG: @thewhiteninglab

Key Words: Teeth Whitening

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