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Three Brown Girls Candles

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Lighten the mood with candles from Three Brown Girls Candles.

Three Brown Girls Candles was a hobby, and a dream for years until 2020 when the dream became a reality. Started by a mother and her two daughters with the idea of creating a legacy for their family "The Brown's", and yes it's a double play on the name.Three Brown Girls Candles prides themselves on bringing the best selection of products and merchandise to their customers.

They are bringing high quality candles to the area. They do their best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic items along with best sellers and seasonal items to fit any budget. Each candle is specifically handcrafted using top grade Para Soy wax blend. They also Offer other aromatherapy accessories such as Wick trimmers, and wax melts for those who do not like to burn candles. They invite you to explore their webpage for your new favorite aromatherapy experience.

Owners: Breanna, Nikki, & Lauren Brown

Location: Missouri City,TX

Contact: 281.818.2937

Social Media IG: @threebrowngirlscandles

Key Words: Candle Shop

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