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Thrive Juices

Stay healthy with Thrive Juices.

Thrive Juices is the culmination of a necessity to address the neglected wellness of underserved communities and the desire for nutrient rich yet palatable juices, smoothies, and food that focus on the heart, mind, body, and soul to help you THRIVE.

Thrive Juices was created by James Kelso, a health conscious, fitness enthusiast. James's story originated from humble beginnings in New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans while being one of the most beautiful cities, has some of the highest racial income disparities in the United States. The city and state also has one of the highest poverty rates for Black Americans. James was raised in the Magnolia projects, one of the many subsidized housing developments that once occupied large swaths of the city. He didn't grow up with healthy food options in his neighborhood, and witnessed his family and community suffer from diseases caused by unhealthy eating habits.

Owner(s): James Kelso

Contact: 346.339.5554

Social Media IG: @thrive.juices

Keywords: Health Wellness

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