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Top 10 Gyms To Help You Get Summertime Fine.

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Only 88 days until summer, & we have the perfect gyms in mind to help you hit those body Goals.

Black Owned Houston Gyms

Level One Fitness is a one-stop shop. Everybody has different fitness levels and fitness goals. Certain people want to be super ripped, but then you’ll have someone that want something completely different. At Level One Fitness they want to meet each of those goals so they work with anybody and everybody at any level.

Phone: 832.282.5385

FeNIXX Fitness Facility is a local gym specializing in weight management, strength training, cardio conditioning, and overall wellness. They offer cross training style bootcamps, hip hop step aerobics, yoga, and dance fitness. Their goal is to strengthen their community physically, mentally, and spiritually through fitness because health is the real wealth!

Phone: 713.714.6625

Rare Breeds Gym approach is what makes them the best value in Houston, Tx. It doesn’t matter if you have never worked out before or are just ready to take it to the next level, they will help you get where you want to go.

Location: 6030 Brittmoore Rd #b, Houston, TX 77041

Misfit Strength & Conditioning is not just a gym. They are a community united under the banner of Purpose, Integrity, Discipline and Compassion.


Onyx Fit’s mission is to create a tribe of like-minded, driven, and powerful individuals through fitness and wellness. Onyx Fit training does not end with physical training, but goes beyond the call of duty to make sure clients are encouraged and motivated. Mental wellness is equally as important and physical health at Onyx Fit.“Fitness For The Culture” is the saying at Onyx Fit.

Phone: 832.687.6866

RC Fitness & Signature Physiques Studio. From its humble beginnings of free boot camps in the park, with hardly any clientele, RC Fitness has transformed into “the Mecca of women’s transformations,” boasting hundreds of triple digit weight loss stories as well as complete medical transformations with diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes being brought under control.

Location: 9223 Stella Link, Houston, TX 77025

Phone: 713.885.7881

TWT Fitness (Train with Trish), is a black owned fitness company founded by Trish Mathis in Houston, Texas. With dedication to the health and wellness of each client, TWT has made a commitment to every client to provide results and health in their lives. All clients receive customized service plans that fit their needs. Whether you're looking to lose, gain, or maintain your weight they can make it happen for you! Commit to them! Let them help you get those results you desire!

Phone: 832.837.9247

Muscleheadz is more than just one of the best gyms in Houston. It’s a culture, it’s a way of life, it's an experience. Most people say its the energy! Their trainers take your fitness goals seriously at our gym. They understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging. Their goal is to help you overcome hurdles. They analyze your body type, BMI and metabolism, to create your individualized fitness plan.

Location: 2715 Emancipation Ave, Houston, TX 77004

Beast FX3 Fitness is a Christian-based fitness company in North Houston that provides a welcoming atmosphere for the whole family. They offer Boxing, HIIT, and Bootcamp classes for ages 7 & up. Adult classes will maintain an accountability mindset that will encompass personal relationships between instructors, and clients through their weight loss and fitness goals. In addition, with focus on child learning development and leadership building, Beast FX3 is a facility designed to shape the minds of the future generation through positive instruction and challenging fitness.

Phone: 281.919.1788

Dynamic Performance Development is a fitness company helping athletes of all ages/sports develop their performance while creating the most DYNAMIC version of themselves. Dynamic Performance Development has worked with over three dozen professional athletes, nascar drivers, Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Pittsburgh Steelers alongside of being featured in sports center, bleacher report,, sun sentinel, and more. It’s time you stop getting minimal results from your training regiment and start reaching goals you once viewed as unattainable.

Location: 5717 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77057

Phone: 954.993.5034



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