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Top Flight Dance Center

Updated: May 22, 2021

Looking to help your child to reach their highest potential with the art of dance? Check out Top Flight Dance Center today.

Top Flight Dance Center was founded with the mission to enrich young people’s live through the art of dance. Whether your child is new to dance or a seasoned dancer, instructors at the TopFlight can help your child reach their highest potential. They motivate their students to strive for excellence through positive encouragement, rigorous courses and instruction, and by nurturing their natural talents. Top Flight Dance Center invites you, and your child to come and be a part of the TFDC family; where you can watch your child soar.


1. To educate students in the many facets of dance

2. To provide high-quality training to serious dance students

3. To prepare every student for a pre-professional and professional career

4. To encourage students to set personal goals in dance and in life

5. To produce versatile dancers

6. To encourage and instill self confidence and poise


1. Every student is able to learn to dance no matter what shape, size, color, age, social/financial status or gender.

2. Honor every student’s personal dance goals and commitment

3. To provide professional, knowledgeable and passionate dance teachers and choreographers

4. Provide each dancer/student with the highest level of education in dance through videos, lectures, workshops, master classes, performances, etc

Owner: Jonnesha Hawkins-Minter

Contact: 832.833.2970

Social Media IG: @topflightdancecenter

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