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Total Speech Therapy

Updated: May 25, 2021

Improve your speech today with Total Speech Therapy.

Total Speech Therapy is your speech therapy practice that is owned and operated by Mrs. Yasminah Abdullah-McKoy. Their goal is to reach our culture and inform us on the speech therapy resource that is available and usually 80-100% covered by insurance. Total Speech Therapy's expertise & unique approach to address a variety of causes that contribute to difficulties with speech, language, swallowing or cognition, makes them highly effective. You don’t need to go anywhere, as they bring therapy to you. Whether you’re at home, in adult living centers, the hospital or at schools/daycare facilities, we ensure the best possible care & results to help you reconnect with the world.

The Total Speech Therapy team also offers individualized, comprehensive, high quality outpatient speech therapy services at Total Speech Therapy’s office locations. They specialize in Pediatric Care (all conditions) Autism Developmental delays Cerebral palsy Down Syndrome Asperger Syndrome Dysphagia Aphasia Dysarthria Stroke Traumatic Brain Injuries. Does your child need speech therapy? Confidentially talk to a speech-language therapist, call 410-696-3301

Owner: Yasminah Abdullah-McKoy

Contact: 713.489.6697

Social Media: IG: @totalspeechtherapy

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