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Triple B’s Eatery

If you've got a craving for some tasty bbq or cajun cuisine it's a must you check out Triple B’s Eatery.

There has always been a passion within me to enjoy family and friends in a relaxed setting. The addition of delicious foods seems to always make the moment better, and that is partly how Triple B’s Eatery was crafted.

Triple B’s Eatery, LLC is a mobile catering company servicing the Greater Houston Area. It is our promise to provide unique experience with a broad selection of available cuisines. While BBQ and smoked meats are our backbone at Triple B’s, it’s our roots in cajun cuisine that diversifies us.

At Triple B’s we love to say we are B.LESSED B.EYOND B.ELIEF because we are just that. Our fantastic customers are our driving force for outstanding on time service and food.

Owner: Eric Thomas

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 281.826.9806

Social Media: IG: @triple_b_eatery FB: Triple B's Eatery

Keywords: Catering Food

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