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Triple J's Smokehouse

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Search for some finger licking Houston BBQ? It's a must you stop by Triple J's Smokehouse.

Triple J’s Smokehouse has been Northeast Houston’s favorite place to grub down on authentic Texas barbecue since 1994. Patrons from across the Houston area have enjoyed our signature ribs, award-winning sausage, and delicious beef brisket at the bustling kitchen right in the heart of the Houston Gardens neighborhood. Come one and come all to their little restaurant off Homestead Road and always remember: life’s too short not to eat good BBQ!

Owners: Jarrett & Rhonda Scales

Contact: 713.635.6381 | Catering: 713.635.6384

Social Media: IG: @triplejs.smokehouse

Key Words: BBQ

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