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Two More Hands

Updated: May 16, 2021

Need an extra hand? Let Two More Hands help you with your digital media.

Two More Hands is a digital media business specializing in graphic design, video editing, and content management. The company was begun by Shaun Wilkins with a desire to assist hard-working, or new business owners looking for someone to produce their digital needs that they may not have the time or energy for. Two More Hands lives by the slogan “It looks like you need two more hands.” They place emphasis on the fact that, sometimes people could use just two more hands to get all they need to do done.

Two More Hands is also able to handle logo design, ebook cover design, and podcast editing. They offer free consultation, affordable rates, and great turnaround time. They make it their mission to ensure that businesses are able to engage with current and potential patrons. One of the greatest services a great business can provide itself is making sure the first experience a potential, or current customer has with their online activity is a positive, and rememberable one. Two More Hands is here to make it happen.

Owner: Shaun Wilkins

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 832.537.8971


Social Media: IG: @twomorehandsmedia

Key Words: Media Management

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