Ladies, take control of your health with Vagesty.

Vagesty is a one stop shop for women’s health. Owner Annterria Bruce is a women’s health nurse practitioner with ten years of experience in healthcare. Vagesty offers feminine hygiene products such as ph safe feminine wash, vaginal suppositories, and products to help maintain a pretty Punani. In awakening of the increase maternal mortality and morbidity in women of color, our pregnancy consultations’ purpose is to provide families with education to maintain a healthy pregnancy and what to expect when it’s time for their bundle of joy to arrive.

The goal of Vagesty is to be a resourceful connection for women to care for themselves holistically. We are looking forward to expanding our services to sexual health, menopause, family planning, and beauty services.

Owners: Annterria Bruce

Location: Rosharon, TX

Contact: 832.707.7042


Social Media: IG: @vagesty_ FB: vagesty_


Key Words: Women's Health

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