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Veterans R Moving Us

In need of a moving company for your next big move? Check out Veterans R Moving Us.

As our economy gets tougher and jobs are scarce, one group of citizens we cannot forget about is our Veterans. A group of Veterans got together and started this company called Veterans R Moving US. We strive to provide excellent service while taking care of your belongings. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best moving experience possible to make your moving process an easy convenience than a hassle.

Our group of Veterans will provide you with a service that will be comparable to the quality of training and experience they have been through while serving the country in the military. Our goal is to help give back to our Veterans for their service and sacrifice towards our country. In appreciation for their selfless service, certain benefits will go to Military Veterans and their families in need. We look forward to serving you.

Did you guys know the oldest black own business in America is a moving company. They are called E.E. Ward Moving & Storage Co. they have been in business over 140 years. In their tradition we strived to duplicate their longevity in the moving industry not only that we are black own moving company we are veteran own moving as well. We thank you for your business in advance please give us a call at 785-387-6683 to book your next move.

Owner(s): Verna Owens

Location: Katy, TX

Contact: 785.379.6683

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