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Feel confident, comfortable, and loving in every piece of clothing from Vorise.

vorise is a unisex clothing brand started by jordan vorise chantel carter, in 2020 and is inspired by her great grandmother - lula mae vorise. Influence for the brand was also gathered from movies like Jason’s Lyric, Queen and Slim, Their Eyes Were Watching God and music like “Sweet Thing” by Chaka Khan, “Boston” by boylife, “Good Luck” by Dijon, and “White” by Frank Ocean.

vorise is all about feelings. when you wear vorise, I want you to feel love. romance. sensuality. effortlessness. comfort. each piece is named after a family member - except for the Alex pants. those are named after my mothers birth place of Alexandria, Louisiana.

the tag line “stop trying to put a label on everything” comes from my battle with anxiety and depression. the fight or flight state that your body goes into when experiencing an anxiety attack forces you into this endless hole of overthinking and creating narratives that are unrealistic and sometimes catastrophic. when I relax, surrender, release control, and stop putting a negative label on every thought and every feeling, is when I feel my absolute best.

the collection consists of staple AND statements pieces - which allows for easy mixing and matching.

Owner(s): Jordan Vorise Chantel Carter

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 979.480.3978

Social Media: IG: @vorise.x

Key Words: Fashion

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