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Updated: May 11, 2021

Are you traveling and looking for a nice clean hostel with a social atmosphere ? It's a must you check out Wanderstay today.

Wanderstay aims to connect travelers from all over the globe. Guests love the social atmosphere and private and shared rooms, which are geared towards making travelers from all over the world feel right at home. This Houston hostel was designed to ensure that you receive all of the amenities that you are used to but at a price point that allows your dollars to stretch.

At Wanderstay Houston, they strive to spoil their guests by offering all of the amenities that you would find at traditional accommodations , including free parking, free Wi-Fi, breakfast small bights, full-sized beds, and more!

With eight themed guest rooms that can accommodate groups of up to thirty people, Wanderstay Hostels was designed to ensure shared connections and travel experiences between their guests.

Wander Often. Wander Always.

Owner: Deidre Mathis

Contact: 281.607.0295

Key Words: Hotel Stay

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