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With Love, Thelms

Updated: May 16, 2021

Keep up with the latest of fashion & everyday lifestyle tips & gems with With Love, Thelms.

With Love, Thelms is a lifestyle and fashion blog created by Thelma Ekezie a registered nurse, fondly known as Thelms. It provides millennial babes like herself and other new age gals with fashion tips and insight, poetry, vulnerable moments, health & wellness, and everything that consists of being a female in the climate our society has acclimated to. It is her hope that through this blog readers are able to facilitate a connection to themselves, and Thelma as we all try to navigate the trials and tribulations of the millennial era we all seem to have become inhabitants of.

Thelma also wants readers to gain respect for the pretty parts of themselves as well as respect for the parts of struggle, knowing that in being vulnerable and open --- healing and happiness is on the way. Whether it’s chatting about the qualms of her relationships and the things she’s been through (or seen others go through) to the happy moments --- Thelma wants her blog to be an escape, a place where you can get lost reading as you get to know her, and ultimately yourself. The ultimate goal being to share it all with love, the basis behind the website name.

Owner: Thelma Ekezie

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 832.461.7847

Social Media: IG: @withlovethelms

Key Words: Lifestyle Fashion Blog

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