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Xodus Fitness Apparel

Updated: May 13, 2021

Looking for some fashionable apparel to work up a sweat in? Check out Xodus Fitness Apparel.

Shantel Carter is the creator and owner of Xodus Fitness Apparel. Xodus Fitness Apparel is a online “faith based” business that provides quality apparel for every stage of your fitness journey. It’s name is inspired by one of the books in the Bible “Exodus” in which God used Moses to lead the children of Israel from captivity to the promise land. Throughout their journey it’s recorded that they mumbled and complained, seeing it more easier to go back to Egypt. The fitness journey is very much the same.

Xodus Fitness Apparel began a change in lifestyle only to see that the process is not easy. It’s easier to go back than to stay focused on your goals. The purpose of XFA is to create a community that promotes body positivity, as well as encourage everyone to embrace every stage of their fitness journey. It’s not only about the quality of our clothing, but also the story and meaning behind the name.

Owner: Shantel Carter

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.703.5835

Key Words: Fashion Boutique

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