You Too Yoga

Updated: Apr 30

Namaste. If you're looking to heal, find happiness and reach your inner peace, check out You Too Yoga.

When you find something good you hold on to it , right ? Darian Washington is the owner of You Too Yoga. She use to look for her healing in things that were giving a temporary fix to problems within, causing stress she didn’t even know could exist until she began practicing yoga. Yoga is so much more than stretches and the beautiful poses you see in the media. Yoga has helped her begin to heal ,bring out the truth of what she really is, helped her manifest the true desires of her heart, and bring her into her purpose. You Too Yoga is about making mutual edification based connections and helping each client they serve know that You Too, are able to reach your full potential for your purpose on Earth!

Owner: Darian Washington

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.408.1138


Social Media: IG: @youtooyoga


Key Words: Yoga Self Care

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