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WHEREAS,  Black Book Houston has created an internet platform to provide support to and increases the visibility of Black owned businesses and organizations in the City of Houston and surrounding areas; and,


WHEREAS,  Black Book Houston advances the economic growth and development in Black owned business by promoting businesses through networking, education, and

community advocacy. Through their efforts, it has supported and publicized over 1,000 Black owned businesses through an online and hardcopy directory. This directory assists

Houston’s tourists and locals by helping them find Houston’s Black Owned Businesses.To this end, Black Book Houston has been integral in stimulating Houston’s economy, strengthening Black owned businesses, and closing the racial wealth gap; and,


WHEREAS, in addition to facilitating awareness to Houstonians and their visitors of the plethora of Black owned businesses that abound the city, Black Book Houston also volunteers in underserved communities, providing quality meals and services during the Holiday seasons and in the midst of natural disasters and pandemics; and,


WHEREAS, on August 1, 2021, Black Book Houston will be recognized for its diligence in increasing the presence of Black owned businesses that thrive in this great city. The City of Houston commends Black Book Houston for its unparalleled efforts to encourage entrepreneurs, ensure the growth of Black businesses and for contributing to Houston’s economic prosperity and extends best wishes on its continued success


THEREFORE,  I, Sylvester Turner, Mayor of the City of Houston, hereby proclaim August 1, 2021 as  



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